Spending your company money is always a big decision.  Marketing and branding is a big portion of getting your company visible to the public.  When choosing to add your company logo or brand to apparel and promotional items, Embroidery For You! will sit down with you to understand your needs and budget as well as your specific company’s culture.

Being creative is the first step.   You want the public to be aware of your brand and product and to continue to recognize your logo.   Your logo and brand is what starts conversations for business and keeps your company on the minds of your customers, current and the potential new client.

How to brand and use your logo is also important.    You will want to have a professional oxford or polo shirt with the embroidered logo for those important business development meetings to make a good first impression.   For the employees “out in the field”, a quality t-shirt or dri-fit polo might be a better fit, using a screen printing or heat transferred logo.  Embroidery For You! is connected to several vendors and can assist you in picking out the right apparel.   Be sure to choose apparel that will work well for you and your employees as well as with your logo.    If your logo has black in its color scheme, you want to stay away from black apparel.  You want your logo to pop and be very visible on the garments or promotional items.

Depending on your business, leaving a water bottle coolie, tote bag, or golf towel is a good way to have the client continue to see your logo or to say “thank you” for their business.