The holiday season is upon us and we all struggle to find the right gift for everyone on our list.   We search through the mall hoping to find something that catches the eye. We think, “What do you give someone who has everything?” Well the fact is, no one has everything, and there are plenty of personalized gift ideas available for anyone.

Unique Personalized Gifts

Embroidery, monogramming, and personalization all add a unique spin to your holiday gift giving.  Personalized gifts are a great way to show people how much you care about them. They let you express how you feel, or show how much you know someone. Those who receive the gift will know that you spent time on finding a gift and at Embroidery For You!, we make sure to add that special touch of thoughtfulness. From children to adult; birthdays to anniversaries, holidays to weddings,  giving gifts that are personalized can be unforgettable.

holiday stockingsThe one thing better than having accessories and products that are your own is having them personalized with your name or initials. This reintroduced trend from the 80’s is becoming a new sensation all over again due to its traditional history and classy look.  In the last year, there has been an increasing trend in monogrammed accessories and products, and Embroidery For You! has an assortment of products for you to personalize!

This holiday season shop outside the normal, worn out gift ideas.  Monogramming or personalization can be added to a wide variety of gifts.  This year, stop the struggle of trying to find the perfect gift for the person who has everything and get them a personalized gift, such as a sweater or jacket, or even a cute tote bag.  Let Embroidery For You! help you be the star gift giver this holiday season with these gift ideas!    When in doubt, we offer gift certificates.

Holiday Decor

Spruce up your holiday décor this year with personalized holiday décor.  Dress up your holiday table with an embroidered table cloth, napkins, or table runner.   Embroidery For You! offers holiday themed fingertip towels and tree skirts with your family name. These are items that are a bit out of the ordinary, but a conversational item.  Be sure to treat the chef with a personalized apron to show your appreciation for their hard work in the kitchen!  

Baby’s First Christmas

Is it your little one’s first Christmas?  Make sure to make it memorable with personalized First Christmas gifts.  Check out our Baby Gifts under our products page and make sure to make your little one’s first Christmas everything it should be.  Celebrate a baby’s first Christmas with a special shirt and matching bib to create memories for the photo album.


What child wouldn’t get delight in seeing their name on a backpack, pillow case, or blanket? You can create unique gifts for kids by customizing their presents, from adding a child’s favorite character to a sweatshirt to a customized holiday shirt; any personalized gift will be received well!  Check out all our personalized gifts for kids to find the best one for the little girl or boy in your life.


No girl can deny the power and personality of a monogram, at least we don’t think so! When it comes to gifting for your mother, daughter, friend, girlfriend, wife, or bridesmaids, you can’t go wrong with monogrammed gifts. The best thing about monogrammed gifts? They’re personalized specifically for your loved-one, meaning that they’re sure to be thrilled when they unwrap their present! Personalized gifts are the best way to show both your love and your eye for attention.  You can’t go wrong with a monogrammed tote, with a monogram embroidered in her favorite color!  Or for the more relaxed, try a robe or pajamas.  A nice vest or fleece jacket is great and fashionable way to stay warm in this winter weather.  


Men are typically hard to buy for anyway and the necktie is an overused gift.  Most men have their favorite sports team; try finding the perfect give and adding a sports logo.  If he is a golfer, grab a personalized golf towel.  Sports themed sweatshirts and gym bags are always popular with the men.  A toiletry bag or a robe is another top seller with the men.  No matter what kind of man you are looking for, Embroidery For You! has the perfect personalized gift for anyone!


At Embroidery For You!, you can find a variety of gifts for your corporate office.  Try giving your staff personalized business wear, a shirt, scarf, or even a jacket.  Adding that special customization adds a more personalized experience.  Check out our products and see which product is best for your company!

The holidays are always a busy time for any company.  The skill and patience that it takes to embroider is one thing that makes the embroiderer say, “Sooner is better than later,” for ordering.  Please make sure to allow plenty of time and patience for your order; as is takes longer to order and ship items during the holiday season.  

No matter who you are searching for during this holiday season, Embroidery For You! will guarantee that you can find that special gift, and ensure a smile for those who are receiving the gift.  Check out our products and see which gift is best for you and that special someone.  

Happy Holidays and we look forward to “Embroidering For You!”

again in the new year.