Valentine’s Day was just upon us. You know what that means? There were approximately six million couples who got engaged, according to an American Express report. While the grooms-to-be no doubt came donning fancy rings in their pockets, probably in less than a year you will be showing up to one of those weddings, hoping to wow them with a thoughtful gift of your own. Or maybe you’re the lucky bride-to-be of one of these lavish fellas who went all out on Valentine’s Day, and you’re ready to throw yourself into full gear with all the wedding details. Fairy tale wedding, here we come!



Modern weddings

Weddings are so different these days. Nearly gone are the days where wedding registries list toasters, towels, and sheets. Most people getting married have lived together for some time OR are older and already have a household established. Weddings and the activities associated with weddings are great opportunities for personalized gifts that are unique and show the giver took the time to be creative with a gift.

Monetary gifts have always been a popular shower or wedding gift, but are the newlyweds really going to remember that you gave them cash, or what exactly they put that cash towards?  Probably not. So what would make a “wow-worthy” wedding gift? Or simply a “wow-worthy” wedding? Well, the possibilities for custom embroidery or personalization as part of wedding gifts, or as part of your own wedding, are basically endless.  Here are a few suggestions:


Wedding Embroidery ideas:

1- A custom sign stitched on fabric as an announcement, decorative wall hanging, OR to be used as a guest signing piece.

2-Embroidered ring bearer pillow.

3-Personalized handkerchiefs for the bride, groom, and parents.

4-A monogrammed towel set for as a bridal shower gift, or as a wedding gift.

5-Personalized pillow cases / bedding (Mr. & Mrs. pillow cases are a big hit!).

6-Bridal party gifts (monogrammed robes for the bridesmaids to wear the morning of the wedding are a super fun idea and something the ladies typically would not purchase for themselves).


We love, love, love to work on custom projects at Embroidery For You! Of course the above mentioned bridal party gifts and wedding gifts are only among a few of the gifts that can be done. We would be happy to hear any ideas you may have for embroidered gifts, or for your wedding day essentials as well.


Your wedding day

Every bride wants to stand out on her wedding day. Most little girls dream of fairy tale weddings from as little as 4 and 5 years old. If you’re a bride-to-be, how do you plan to do that? How do you plan to pull off a wedding so beautiful it could be called a fairy tale wedding? We all know you will undoubtedly look like perfection in your wedding dress, but what about beyond that? What is going to make YOUR wedding day shine? What is going to make people remember your special day for years to come?

Custom embroidery can add a fun, vintage, or personalized touch to your special day. From very bold fonts and colors on napkins, table runners, and head table accessories, to a very discreet monogram or simple saying tucked in a dress, or on a handkerchief. Embroidery and personalization adds a unique and personal dimension to any wedding or wedding gift that is bound to leave a lasting impression of the wedding day.


What types of wedding events can I use embroidered items for?

The answer is: EVERY event! Embroidery can be introduced at the engagement party, at showers, bridal party outings, on the wedding day, and into the honeymoon. Embroidery and personalization can even help the newlyweds decorate their new home.

If you’re a bride-to-be planning the wedding festivities, why not start a theme of uniqueness and personalization right from the beginning at the engagement party and carry that through all the following wedding festivities. Embroidery for weddings, and pre-wedding events, not only creates personalization, but also adds a flare of elegance and class to any wedding party you have planned!



Love this, but not sure where to start?

If you’re looking for embroidered or monogrammed wedding gift ideas, feel free to give Embroidery For You! a call.

If you are a bride-to-be, we would be happy to schedule a short consultation to discuss wedding embroidery options that will fit your style and budget! We want your wedding to be as magical and glowing as you will be, and everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

We would look forward to “Embroidering For You!” on your special day.