Excerpts from The Perfect Wedding Guide, Sept. 2018

Embroidery For You STL is often asked where we get the inspiration for our designs and  the simple answer is from “what is trendy” .  We listen to customers and their expectations . Conversations at networking events, at vendor events, on consultation calls, and on social media  lead to what is current and trending in the decorated apparel industry.    The trick is to convert inquires into orders.

What happened to calling and making inquiries?

Like many of you, Embroidery For You ST is old school and enjoys answering calls to offer information, ideas, and pricing.    But with modern technology, the way our customers communicate with us has changed, so we have to adapt to the way our customers prefer to communicate while still offering a quick and accurate reply.

So, why don’t they call you?

There are many reasons, but the reality is that people are communicating without using their phone (or at least not using it as a phone) for both personal and business purposes.    Communicating digitally  whether  it’s via text, email, Face book Messenger or via our website, a digital conversation is a real conversation.  Another  reason why clients, both commercial and individual, don’t call you is that they’re unable to (planning their wedding or event from work) or are reaching out at non-traditional business hours (late at night).  It’s much easier to fill out your contact form, send you an email.  In some instances, the end user simply does not understand all the information that is needed or that a LIVE conversation can be much more beneficial in getting the accurate information.

Continue the conversation they’ve already started

When a client contacts us in any fashion is when a conversation starts and Embroidery For You STL is ready to respond.  We at least let the prospective client know we are in receipt of their request and WILL get back with them as quickly as possible.   The decorated apparel industry is quite competitive and we  don’t want to give a customer a reason to not want to work with us.  We always want to be at the top of  the list of companies to be considered for the project.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and quality embroidery.

Don’t try to change the technology too soon

It is hard to keep up with technology but it is important  at least respond.   Then try to explain why certain ways of communicating work better for the particular industry you are in.   For embroidery, we like to use email so we have written instructions and approvals readily available.   In some situations and depending on the client, the “Please Call Us” just won’t happen.

Five Times.

Good business practices state to follow up at least five times to get in touch with someone who has made an inquiry.    Embroidery For You STL will try at least three times as we do don’t want to become annoying.  Fifty percent of the time a prospect will not reply at all after they have the information they requested or have received their request for a quote.  It may be someone else responded quicker or with better pricing or they simply are no longer doing the project.    Waste to time?   Yes, sometimes but you will be surprised how many customers will appreciate your determination to get in contact with them, and that does help Embroidery For You STL stand out in the list of potential embroidery companies being considered.

We look forward to “Embroidering For You!”