Here’s a little secret: One of the highest email and website traffic days of the week for Embroidery For You STL is FRIDAY.  On the commercial side, we find companies want to get their inquiries out before the end of the week. Brides are looking for information to ponder over the weekend.  Individuals want to see what we can do before they go shopping over the weekend.

Here are some lessons  we have learned  on email marketing. 

1. Tailor Your Emails to Clients At The Right Time

We try to use custom emails based on the niche we are responding to; bridal, commercial clients, or individual consumers.    Correct information and relevant content are important.   A newly engaged girl planning her wedding, doesn’t want embroidery information on dress shirts or lap top bags  with company logos.  We have found that emails tailored to a specific industry or client type come across as more “personalized”.    And Embroidery For You STL “IS” in the business of personalization. 

2. Treat Your Subject Lines Like a Scientist

Think about it:    Your clients and potential clients receive hundreds of emails per day from their friends, co-workers, favorite stores, your competition and more.  If you want your buyer to pay attention to your quote, your newsletter, or your  sale flyer,  you need to make it interesting and eye catching.   Are you using the right words?   Simple words that the reader can easily understand?    Are the words worth reading?   Do you have software to gauge how many people are actually even opening your email?   If so, try to increase your email open rate  every month.

3. Design Your Emails With Your Goal In Mind

In order to create an effective email, you have to start with the goal in mind. What is it that you want your readers to do? Do you want them to click on a link and sign up for an offer? Do you want them to share something on social media?  Knowing this makes it easier to craft your email.                                                                

4. Preview and Check All Links On a Phone Before You Send

Everyone is on their phones these days.   Just because an email set up looks good on your desk top or lap top, be sure it is also mobile friendly.    The same is true for any links to your social media pages or website.  This functionality can easily fail on a cell phone.  In a recent digital marketing seminar we attended, it was noted that  in 2018,  81% of people in the United States conduct business via their mobile device.   Ask a co-worker or friend to preview and check all the links in your email from a phone before you send out the door.

5. Experiment With Time of Week and Day

We have tested and refined time of week and send times for our emails over the years. And here’s an interesting tidbit to note: the optimal time to send an email in our industry, depend on the type of client.   Brides respond to embroidery quotes and information in the evenings.   Commercial clients respond in the mornings, especially on Tuesday’s and Wednesdays.   The individual consumer is in front of their computers later afternoons, early evenings, and Saturday mornings.     Suggestion is to do a test to see what works best for your business or industry.

6. Keeping your Prospect / Business Development List Current.

Embroidery For You STL has a strict policy of responding to requests for information and client emails within the day.   For commercial clients and brides, we will follow up once.   If there is no response or interest, we will no longer contact this individual.  We do not want to bother folks who are less-than-interested. They will have our contact information.