Have you ever been in a spot where you have so much to do but you just cannot figure out what to do next?

As the holidays slowly approach, which is our busiest time of year, we are planning how we will market ourselves and keep up with the pipeline of orders.  At busy times, we have a hard time focusing on completing jobs while being “interrupted” with client meetings, phone calls, marketing, shipping orders, and machine malfunctions.  Oh yeah, there is that thing called Work Life Balance.

With help of a business coach and some deep reflection and soul searching, Embroidery For You STL is looking at some of our processes and procedures, looking to get better organized, and re-evaluating who is  or true ideal client.   

 We decided that it just does not matter how much we, as small business owners,  have to do.   Stop thinking about that To Do List and focus on the most important part of your business:  Assisting Your Clients!. The marketing, networking, and social media posts sometimes just has to take a back seat to that box of 100 polo shirts with the 10,000 stitch left chest logo.  Keep up with production and responding to customers is the top items on our daily schedule.

When one of our good clients wants to meet, we just have to stop and greet them with a smile and collect the information for their next order.   After all, without this type of interruption, we don’t make a living and therefore, there is no reason to focus on the “other stuff”.  Coming from corporate America, we try to implement the KISS principal in our small business as much as possible —  Keep It Simple Stupid!!

Embroidery For You STL has been thinking about revamping our business model and business plan for some time.   It never seemed like the right time or we just didn’t know what a new way of doing things looked like.   In our industry, there is  never a good time to stop business.   Holidays and vacations truly interrupt our flow of business. So taking a day to plan and adjust for the future just does not seem that important.   However, we do know the plan or the path we took nine years ago is not the path we are looking at for our next nine years in business. 

Keeping up with the day to day of working with our clients is what is most important and what we concentrate on.  Without them, we have no business!  This is the same for all of us.  Embroidery For You STL is a service and referral based business trying to build a money-making embroidery company. . 

The point of this paper is to let you know that we are all alike across all industries and lines of business.  We all have the same issues and daily stuff that we have to do no matter what!  When you are in the middle of your busy season or have a heavy work load, and you keep getting interrupted, just stop for a second, breathe and do what’s next, no matter what that is.  Prioritize, set realistic goals, do what is important, and what makes YOU, the business owner, successful and happy.