Being engaged is new, fun, and exciting and most couples have never been through such a process before.  Finding a venue and hiring an embroiderer, photographer, bakery, caterer, florist, and all the other services can be a bit overwhelming. As a result, most couples have no idea what questions to ask potential vendors.

By the time a couple comes to Embroidery For You STL, many of the more important vendors are already reserved.   Although, there are time when Embroidery For You STL works with couples from the engagement, to bridal party events, to showers, the wedding and reception, and up to the honeymoon.    We love with couples come back to us when they are expecting their first child.

Here is some basic information that helps Embroidery For You STL with our brides and can be used with other wedding vendors as well.Know your budget. Create your budget and know where your money is coming from BEFORE you even start talking to vendors. Agree on an amount for each type of service you need. Base that decision on what’s important to you.

  1.  Know your budget. Create your budget and know where your money is coming from BEFORE you even start talking to vendors. Agree on an amount for each type of service you need. Base that decision on what’s important to you.
  2.  Know your priorities. Maybe you care more about the music and dancing than running around town for photos in a lot of locations.   Think about what is really important for your special day.    Is it pictures at four different locations OR personalized gifts for your bridal party.
  3. Set a definite location and date up front. Be prepared when talking to vendors.   Weddings are big business and you don’t want to waste your time or the vendors.  At Embroidery For You STL we suggest at least an hour consultation to discuss your bridal embroidery needs.  Sooner is always better than later.   We can only do projects for so many weddings in a week.   May & June and again mid September thru early November are the most popular wedding seasons.
  4. Trust the professionals. Wedding pros have experience and expertise.   Listen to their advice and  and  work in your vision for each particular vendor.   Wedding vendors want your day to be the best it can be and they may have a plan you haven’t even thought of.
  5.  “What does it cost” should not be your one and only question. It’s important to have a general idea of what price range each vendor serves and if they are within your budget.   Wedding professionals are people that  love what they do. Yes, some services and  “wants” are quite expensive. With weddings, it is truly, “what you get is what you pay for”.  At Embroidery For You STL, we thoroughly enjoy working with brides.   We love getting to meet different people, seeing how each special day is different, and how trends change from year to year.
  6. Always be honest and upfront when talking with a vendor especially as it relates to your expectations and your budget. Give them a heads-up about any “unique” circumstance so that there are no surprises on your wedding day.   You will find, most vendors really do want to make your day outstanding and like being able to be part of it.
  7. Be realistic. While negotiating with service professionals is acceptable, you need to respect their offerings and be reasonable about what you can afford. A vendor’s pricing often reflects their experience, skill level and the hard and soft costs of doing business. You’ll be wasting your time and the vendor’s time if you seek out luxury wedding professionals when you’re on a DIY wedding budget. In most cases, negotiations will be more successful if you’re willing to make certain sacrifices to your vision to get the pricing down.   When a bride order cotton, low v-neck t-shirts to be monogrammed, the outcome will not be the same as when embroidering on quality cotton twill button down shirts.
  8. Know who you can negotiate with. Don’t expect to bargain with an in-demand wedding professional during peak wedding season.  Vendors who are new in the industry and just starting their business may be more likely to negotiate to fill their calendars and build their business.
  9. Watch out for hidden fees! Tax is one of life’s inevitable truths, so you need to be prepared for that up front. However, some vendors have fees that most couples don’t know to look out for. Many venues, for example, have a non-negotiable service fee and a gratuity added on top of the listed price.   
  10. Be true to yourself and your desires. As you progress down the path of planning, your wedding, a lot of people will be giving you opinions!   Make your own decisions and do what you really want.  It is your choice.  It’s your wedding! Once you make a decision – it’s done.   You need to be happy.   You can’t and won’t make everyone happy.

BONUS – Be courteous. Even if you’ve decided to go with someone else, please respond back to all vendors and let them know where they stand. If you are just looking for a price, its best to be open about it. It’s hard to receive an inquiry from a client who raves about your work and says you’re exactly what they’re looking for only to never hear back from them again. It’s good to remember that the person you’re talking to is human and they put a lot of time and effort into their response and their business.


Wedding planning does not have to be so stressful. Learning to ask the right questions will help ensure your wedding is everything your dreamed of.