Communicate with your customers

Use email and social media to keep your customers up to date. Let them know when you will be open,  how they can support your business, what your new hours are, or how your business will operate post virus.   At Embroidery For You STL, we like the old fashion way of making a personal phone call.

Sell and accept orders online

With the strongly encouraged social distancing and minimum capacity restrictions that will be in place for some time, one way to still provide goods or service to your customers is to sell on-line.   You can ship items or take online orders for pickup or local delivery.   Be sure to alter your pricing to account for the added expense of shipping or mileage for delivery.  Also set up curbside pickup.    Try meeting via ZOOM or Facetime to finalize a sale.

Promote digital gift cards or paper gift certificates.

Gift cards can help increase cash flow while your business is closed or affected by social distancing.  Embroidery For You STL has seen an added interest in our gift certificates.   They can be picked  up contactless or mailed to the purchaser OR receiver.   We have extended the expiration dates as well.

Use remote payments

Customers will look to pay via credit card or PayPal if mailing payment is not an options.    Again, be sure to add the service charges associated with these payment types. 

Support your business network

In this unpredictable time, check in with your networking groups, your clubs, your vendors, and your staff.  They probably have that same concern and worry you are feeling,    If you find good and accurate information on grants, lending options, or unemployment,   try to share.   If you did a webinar that you found worthwhile,  let them know when applicable.    Be helpful, be kind, be supportive.

Embroidery For You STL looks forward to “embroidering for you!”


Be well!