The COVID 19 global pandemic has taken many industries off-guard. With many businesses being affected, the cost that this pandemic incurred is beyond measurement.

A recent study on the Global Commercial Embroidery Machine Market is an indication of this. According to the report, the impact of COVID-19 on the current and future of the commercial embroidery market across various geographies is severe and will continue to struggle until 2029.  Loss of business due to our clients seeing a downturn in their business along with supply chain issues makes the issue a vicious circle that is difficult to get in front of.

Embroidery For You STL has been touched by the pandemic and we continue to work our business and search for ways to restore our company and our livelihood.

We continue to cater to the bridal, commercial, and individual client for various embroidery projects and decorated apparel / monogramming services.  As a reminder, Embroidery For You STL is happy to source the apparel or gift items for you to make us a “one stop shop”.

On the consumer side, a personalized item is a perfect gift for almost every occasion; something the recipient most likely would not spend the time, the effort, or dollars to do for themselves. Monogrammed towels, pillow cases, aprons, robes, vacation shirts, and baby shower gifts are our most popular projects. Decorated apparel and personalized items can play a role in the wedding industry starting with the engagement all the way thru the honeymoon. (See some of our favorite projects on our Wedding page).

Our Custom Embroidery Services can assist businesses of all sizes to help advertise and brand their business.  Logowear helps you to stand out from your competition and appear more professional.  All we need is the artwork for your logo and we can digitize that file to become a file than can be stitched directly to quality apparel.    We also have an extensive library of stock designs that can be used.

Shop your local small businesses.   Embroidery For You STL looks forward to “embroidering for you!”.