Embroidery For You! didn’t have the intention of breaking into the wedding market.  We started our St. Louis, MO business in 2010 thinking we would offer monogramming and personalization for individuals for gifts, weddings, and baby items.   Slowly, we began to have a steady stream of Brides and a new target market came knocking on our door (Or thru our website). Focusing on the wedding and bridal market has paid off and we thoroughly enjoy working with these excited brides and family members.

Offer Unique, Personalizable Embroidered Products

Successful wedding suppliers understand that bridal shoppers after something unique and memorable.  Focusing on the unique, the quirky, and the elegant.

Offering custom orders can be a great way to help brides AND grooms express their unique visions. An easy customizable option, such as color choice, gives shoppers the experience of personalizing an order while choosing from available offerings.

Embroidery For You also aims for the Happy Couple’s creative side by incorporating a unique theme to their order.   A special event they experienced together, a hobby, or something that will bond them in their new life. 

Offer Multiple, Flexible Options and Prices

Embroidery For You offers a variety of wedding related products to fit all budgets and wedding styles and sizes.

Tell a Visually Inviting Wedding Story

We welcome brides to our business by showcasing a variety of examples on our website, Facebook Page, Instagram, and Pinterest. Photographing items can help wedding shoppers imagine the item being part of their special day.

Offer Stellar Customer Service

Customer service is always important, but when dealing with brides and grooms, the stakes can feel especially high. We want to be sure the bride feels special and we meet her “dream” needs.  Here are a few helpful points that we work into our customer service agenda:

Interact with the bridal client and her bridal party

Be clear and communicate

Understand the client’s vision

Know when to say no if we know we can do a request or feel it won’t have a good outcome

Be available

Embroidery For You! loves what we do and the bridal sector is always one of our favorite projects.    Visit us at www.embroidery4ustl.com and we would look forward to “Embroidering For You!”