It’s a new year.   Small business are setting goals again,  implementing  marketing plans, and seeking new clients while catering to the existing client base. Those clients that have remained clients during these crazy Pandemic times. Over the past ten months, everyone, businesses and individuals , have relied on the internet.  Zoom calls, sharing documents via DropBox, more email traffic, streaming movies, and all that Christmas shopping on-line.

Social Media —  those trendsetting,  popular, and contemporary two words that anyone between 12 and 60 uses. What IS the big deal?  For businesses in general, social media marketing  increases brand recognition, keeps you top of mind, is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to inform clients about a sale, a new product, addition to staff, etc. 

For Embroidery For You STL, we use social media to stand out from our competition, to connect with current clients and to reach new clients. The next time you are in a public space, stop and look around for a quick five minutes. You will see at least  60% of the people in your vision will have their face buried in their cell phone. What ARE they buying, looking at, or researching?

Social media can be a great source of information but there is also much disinformation.  As a business using social media, you need to be sure you are posting accurate, appropriate, and informative content (articles, memes, pictures).                       

A recent article in “Social Media Today” states 43% of the average consumer  will research products or information for a purchase on-line through social media networks. The decorated apparel business is very competitive. Each company tries to showcase their best niche or service.   Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are all platforms that embroidery houses should be utilizing. Businesses should be aware of their perfect client or their niche market.   Embroidery For You STL has a niche in the bridal industry for decorated apparel and gifts so we use social media posts on bridal  and wedding  media platforms, always using an appropriate hashtag with our email address or website.    

Popular social media influencers are predicting  “User Generated Content” will become  popular and reliable social media marketing strategy. Consumers find this type of content more authentic and trustworthy. End users trust this content when it comes to influencing buying decisions, and people like to see real-life experiences of a product  or concept before buying.