Your business customers are looking to make confident connections with their vendors. They want to trust you before they even submit an inquiry for your services.  So how do you make that happen? 

Do what you say you are going to do and when you say you will do it.

Embroidery For You STL has a firm rule to inform and explain what we will do for a client and when an order will be complete. Customer service and satisfaction is key in our competitive industry, especially as the decorated apparel industry continues to be disrupted due to the global Pandemic.  

Be sure to collect as much information from your client while making sure their requests CAN be met and is something that you can accomplish by the due date.  For Embroidery For You STL, supply chains and inventories are very weak.  We ask for clean artwork from our commercial clients;  educate them on what apparel and  items will work and not work for their project, and are honest with the timeline to be completed.

When working with a new client, be sure your services are what they are expecting and that both parties are a match for a good working relationship. 

Trust is hard to earn but very easy to lose.    Embroidery For You STL understands we can’t win work from every proposal we submit.   We always ask what a client’s expectation of our services is for their embroidered apparel.  Our embroidery of a client logo is THEIR brand and marketing tool.  We listen and understand what their vision is.  For example, when a client asks for “salmon” thread, we always confirm what their meaning of the color “salmon” is.  Different things mean something different to different people.    Sometimes you do have to set boundaries with clients, new and existing.   

With our bridal clients, the order is very important for their special day.  By taking the time to understand the theme of the entire wedding, we are able to offer suggestions where our services will work and maybe not work.    Every bride has imagined their wedding day since they are were a little girl and it is Embroidery For You STL’s job to use our expertise and creativity to help with the bride’s dream. 

Your brand and reputation success starts with the very first interaction with a client. 

Referrals, reviews, and reputation is what makes a small business successful.    Start building your client’s trust in you with the very first meeting, whether in person, digitally, or telephone.   Engage with the client, repeat back to them what you think they are asking for.   Doing this lets the client know you ARE listening to them and their inquiry.    Also, be consistent with you information;  costs, turnaround times, processes, etc,    Earn client trust by being the best at your job, be knowledgeable, be available, be honest, be responsive.

For bridal clients,  we offer our expertise on things we have done for other brides that have worked and those that have not.    Embroidered apparel for bridal parties is a unique gift, but you do want the gift to be used again after the special day.