Success doesn’t happen overnight, especially when it comes to your business. It takes time, dedication, and the right mindset to run a successful business while at the same time following your business plan and trying to meet your goals. Now add the Pandemic and Supply Chain issues. Through research, meeting with our business coach, and talking with others in our industry, Embroidery For You STL has had to learn to
shift our mindset while building confidence to generate more revenue with less stress, by reimagining pricing and selling to a different market.

Due to the Pandemic, we have pivoted to work only with corporate and commercial clients. Supply Chains, inventories, and shipping continue to be disrupted. Our costs have increased so we find we need to pass that along to our clients more often than not.

Here are three mindset shifts you might make in order to get on the right track and establish a successful small business going forward.

1. Trust Your Own Ideas and Strength

Too many times, we second guess ourselves and our ideas. As a business owner, you have to be clear on your mission and vision and stand behind your ideas and decisions 100%. It’s important to set realistic goals but you also have to put forth the effort to turn them into reality. To do that, you must first trust your own ideas and strengths so you can build your brand and promote your business.

Comparing yourself to others and viewing other people as better or more successful as you is not the right mindset to have. You have to be confident in yourself and focused on the task at hand.

2. Know Your Worth and Be Willing to Charge Accordingly

Many businesses don’t last past the first year. They either run out of steam or run out of money. Embroidery For You STL opened as a new small business in October, 2010 and the Pandemic has been the first real struggle we have had. As a small business owner, I have to look at all of my business and living expenses and realize I need to earn a certain amount of money in order to make ends meet. As an entrepreneur, I have to fund a lot of things myself like office supplies, embroidery supplies, postage, networking groups, accounting software, business insurance, quarterly sales tax, business license, and the list goes on. Embroidery For You STL has learned to value our skills and business.

3. Realize That You Can’t Do Everything Alone

Being a one man shop is difficult when running a successful business. It should be cost effective, but there’s literally so much to do that we need to learn when to hire extra help or to limit the amount of large orders we
can actually complete on time meeting our quality standards. Outsourcing used to come in handy at our busy times, but with a large amount of decorating apparel businesses not surviving the Pandemic, this option has become more of a struggle.

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, having a session with a coach or following a mentor around could help. Be open to receiving help and guidance from others and you’ll be more successful in half the time.