Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a minimum quantity?

For customized hats, we do have a minimum of twelve (12) pieces per design/logo and color scheme.   

For all other bridal and commercial embroidery orders, we can do one (1) or a multiple piece order.

What information do you need for a quote?

Include as much detail as possible when requesting a quote or contact us at We are always happy to answer questions in the consultation which is done by appointment.

For custom embroidery, we would need to have ACTUAL ARTWORK for your logo or the design you are trying to create.  A .jpg or vector file works best. You have a digitizing (or set up) fee to create a stitch file the embroidery machine can read and then the embroidery fee per item. 

When you need this EXACT logo in the future, you would only have the embroidery fee at that time.

We do have many stock designs if you have a generic design request.

How long does the process take?
We will attempt to make your deadline based on our stitching schedule at the time of placing the order and time of year.  If there a dire need for completion, in most circumstances we can accommodate but a RUSH SURCHARGE would be added. Due to the global Pandemic, inventories, supply chains, and shipping continue to be disrupted, with a large increase in shipping prices.   
Can we supply our own apparel / items?

Embroidery For You STL will work with NEW apparel / items that you supply upon signing our standard liability release and if we deem the item appropriate for embroidery.    

We are also happy to source the items for you upon receiving information on what you are looking for (price point, quality, color, size). We work with many vendors for wholesale pricing.

Can you embroider on anything?

Embroidery For You STL  CANNOT / DOES NOT embroider on leather, faux leather, heavy Carhardt jackets, shoes, bucket hats, plastic, very thin / economical fabrics.

Embroidery For You STL will work with items supplied by client  IF the items are  NEW and our standard  liability release is signed. 

Is there an extra charge for multi-color designs?

No. We can make your embroidered design one color or multi colors.   We can also change the logo colors to coordinate with the apparel.

Do you ship?

Embroidery For You STL can ship your order at your expense upon receipt of payment in advance OR payment of a PayPal invoice.

Do you take credit cards?

Embroidery For You STL does NOT accept credit cards.   Payment can be made via cash, check, or VENMO.

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